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Mobile Home Park

Thank you for printing this page for your reference. It is intended for use by prospective buyers and/or their broker. The information found here has been obtained from reliable sources, however, prospective buyers should verify any information to their satisfaction.

Property # 599

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Property Details:

Location:Oklahoma City, OK
Size SF/Acres:121,615.739± Sq. Ft. / 2.792± Acres
Listing Price:$314,000
Price Per SF/Acre:$2.58sf
Availability: Negotiable
Zoning: SPUD-991, Self Storage Facility/RV/Boat Storage
Real Estate Taxes:1,870

Property Features:

  • SPUD-991 Zoning, Storage Facility/RV Storage/Boat Storage
  • Width of 362.43 Feet and 346.76 Feet Deep
  • Great Commercial Potential Development Area
  • All Utilities on Property
  • Located at 2810 N. MacArthur Blvd., Legal Description: Tract B Legal Description A part of the Northwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of Section 22, T. 12 N., R. 4 W. I.M., Oklahoma County. Oklahoma, being more particularly described as follows: Commencing at the Southwest Corner of the Northwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of said Section 22, thence N.00°50144"E., along the West Line of the Northwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of said Section 22, a distance of 338.25 feet; thence S.89°40,51"E., a distance of 330.00 feet to THE POINT OF BEGINNING; thence N.00°50'44"E. and parallel with the West Line of the Northwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of said Section 22, a distance of 362.39 feet; thence S.89°40'51"E., a distance of 335.76 feet to the West Line of Block 3 Windsor Heights Addition, an addition to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma; thence S.00°43'05"W, (this survey), along the West Line of said Block 3 (Platted as S.00°13'00"W.) and the West Line of Block 6 Windsor Oaks, an Addition to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, a distance of 361.16 feet; thence N.89°53'17"W., a distance of 336.60 feet to the point or place of beginning. Said described tract contains 121,615.739 Square Feet or 2.792 Acres, more or less.
  • **** Concerning Square Footage, Buyers Should Consider the Following:
    1. Be aware that different appraisers may apply the rules for measurement of a property differently. We never represent that a particular measurement is necessarily accurate. Instead, we always qualify any statement about size with terms such as "estimated," "approximate," "appraiser's opinion," "builder's opinion" or "assessor's opinion."
    2. To avoid any and all potential misunderstanding on square footages, we prefer not to quote square footage. However, we understand that a discussion of square footage may play an important role in our day to day business, and many buyers may ask for this figure. With this in mind, when providing "appraisal," "builder's plans" or "courthouse" information as a source for square footage data, any buyers who present an offer must sign an acknowledgment before the offer is accepted by the sellers, such as the following: "I/we acknowledge that information provided to me from other sources, including, but not limited to, square footage estimates from prior appraisals, builder's plans or courthouse tax records may be materially inaccurate due to various causes such as alterations to the property or errors in the methods used to calculate the information given. Square footage information provided is for the purpose of marketing, may not be exact and is NOT suitable for loan application, valuation or any other purpose. I/we acknowledge that the Offer being made to purchase __________________________________________, is based on our personal viewing and opinion of the property and does not rely upon any information except as specifically contained in the Real Estate Purchase Contract. I/we acknowledge that both the Listing and Selling Brokers and/or Associates involved in the transaction do not warrant or make any representation concerning the accuracy of any information from third parties and I/we acknowledge receipt of this information disclosure."

Disclosure: Information herein is taken from sources deemed to be reliable but not guaranteed against errors, omissions, prior sale, withdrawal from the market, or price changes. All sizes and dimensions stated are approximate.

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